Vintage Virus is always interested in the purchase of new products.

Why should I offer my furniture to vintage Virus?
Do you want a fair price for your products and do you want them collected from you without much effort from your side? Please contact Vintage virus. Of course you can sell your furniture via several websites, but if you do not want or have time to wait for appointments, we are here for you.

In what furniture is vintage Virus interested in?
Everything from the 50s, 60s and 70s that suits our style. Think of shelves, cabinets, chairs, tables, chairs but also accessories such as coat hangers, paper trays, vases and lighting.

Contact us by sending a message via Whatsapp to +31 624410292. Please give us a description of the product / products. Please mention the state of the furniture, numbers, etc. If you have a picture, this is convenient for us. Always mention a price that you have in mind.

We will make sure the we restore everything and your furniture (or that of your loved ones) are ready for a whole new life.